REVMD practices a proven blend of strong customer service driven performance coupled with industry leading technology to drive up cash collections.

Our services designed to support your revenue cycle.

REVMD only provides healthcare revenue cycle outsourcing services. Our technology, operations and staff experience were specifically designed to support such services.

Early-Out Self Pay Collections

A series of crafted letters and calls to guarantors with open active accounts. The collection workflows are fully customizable by client. All REVMD activity is done on behalf of the provider and is fully transparent to the guarantor. All client specific policies are online and direct our representatives when communicating with the guarantors.

Insurance Follow-up

REVMD pursues open insurance accounts for all financial classes, age categories and collection of balances. This is done through auto-statusing, online claim review and telephone calls. Activity includes denial resolution, rebills, medical record retrieval, transaction audit, etc.

Bad Debt Collections

Traditional bad debt collections utilizing a proven series of letters, calls, skip tracing and scoring. If requested, legal and credit reporting can be included.

Why choose REVMD Partners? Our Testimonials...

Douglas Shirley, Cooper University Hospital, CFO

“I have successfully worked with the management team for many years. Their true understanding of the delicate balance between cash collections and customer service is unparalleled.”

Will Walk, Inspirion Consulting, Principal

“Being a consultant, vendor implementation and management often are key components to a successful engagement. RevMD has continually provided exceptional services to my clients and greatly contributed to our projects.”

Patrick McDermott, Presence Health, Senior Vice President -- Revenue Cycle

“RevMD’s ongoing performance with our A/R outsourcing needs has been truly refreshing. Their dedication and partnership approach has made them one of our team.”

Sarath Degala, WellStar Health Systems, Vice President – Revenue Cycle

“RevMD’s professional behavior has been very well received by our administration. I would highly recommend them to any other healthcare provider.”

REVMD Enhance Technology

Our proprietary accounts receivable collection management system Enhance fully automates the complex cycles involved with self-pay early-out, insurance follow-up and bad debt collections.

Enhance offers advanced network technologies based on mature industry best practices for collecting healthcare receivables.

Enhance customizes workflows to conform to your policies and procedures. This automated workflow technology ensures every attempt to liquidate an account is exhausted, ensuring appropriate due diligence.


Enhance is an integrated healthcare accounts receivable collection management system specifically designed to support our services allowing us to maximize cash collections through automation, productivity and strong customer service quality standards.


Enhance includes a state-of-the-art integrated in-house predictive dialer.

Our dialer fully customizes workflow campaigns, manages outbound call volumes and facilitates incoming call traffic.


Enhance also includes a very powerful reporting tool fully customizable to our client’s needs.

We can quickly produce executive summary level reporting down to individual account detail.